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Choosing the right consulting firm can be difficult. You need someone who has the experience and expertise to understand your organization and the unique challenges specific to your industry, as well as someone who understands the importance of open, collaborative relationships. At iKhan Technologies Consulting, we have the experience, specialized expertise, and successful approach to client service that you need to reach your full potential in IT and business.

Serving clients across the country, in major cities such as New York and Washington D.C., IKhan Technologies Consulting provides trusted management and technology consulting services to clients across a wide range of industries. Whether you are a small nonprofit or a global enterprise, our consultants have the experience to understand your IT and business needs, the industry knowledge to provide effective, sustainable solutions to your challenges, and the commitment to client service to ensure a successful, collaborative partnership.

Our deep expertise and experience helps us proudly serve a broad range of industries, including:

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Environmental Services
Food and Beverage
Government ››
Healthcare ››
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Legal ››
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Real Estate
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The industries described on this website are not exhaustive. We have worked on a variety of consulting projects and are experienced in developing innovative solutions to help clients across industries, sizes, and business functions.

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