At IKhan Technologies, we develop intranets and extranets for clients of all industries and sizes to help improve operational efficiency and enhance business processes.

Intranets and extranets can be used as powerful tools to help companies manage resources, enhance communication and collaboration, improve productivity, securely distribute and manage internal documents, and more. Whatever your business goals, iKhan Technologies consultants have the expertise to help you implement a custom portal solution.

Intranet Development + Optimization

Extranet Development + Optimization

Improve Internal Collaboration

Acting as an internal collaboration tool, an intranet includes features like discussion boards, document libraries, and robust search tools that encourage and simplify collaboration.

Improve Communication with External Parties

Give specific people from outside your organization access to key information specific to them, which in turn reduces the risk of miscommunication between internal and external parties..

Simplify Knowledge Management

Increase productivity within your organization by allowing users to manage documents, project information, and forms in one secure location using a customized web portal.

Enhance Customer Experience

Provide customer service assistance online, as well as create individual pages for specific clients to see information pertaining to them, giving users access to the information when and where they need it.

Increase Productivity

Use an intranet portal to: securely distribute confidential content, track important events and deadlines with a shared calendar, create employee self-service portals for use by HR departments, and maintain project and document history to keep track of notes and versioning.

Facilitate Collaboration with Business Partners

Integrate off-site team members and contractors by sharing key information and keep business partners informed with the most up-to-date information by allowing users to securely share information through a web-based extranet portal.

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Intranet sites are useful for companies of all sizes — from a 5-person start-up to a 50,000-person operation. The fact is this: once a company’s size has expanded beyond a team of 2-3 people, communication suffers. From misinformation to utilizing outdated versions of critical documents, a lack of cohesion across teams and departments can negatively impact your bottom line.

Whether you would like to use an intranet to share information internally within your company, or use an extranet to extend the intranet to securely include outside parties such as suppliers or partners, iKhan Technologies consultants have the expertise to help you implement the desired solution.

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