Unbiased vendor and software evaluation and selection services to assist you in selecting the appropriate vendors and IT solutions most suitable for your unique needs.

We specialize in working collaboratively with clients to analyze their specific needs and to evaluate and implement IT solutions that meet those unique, evolving needs and that deliver long-term, sustainable success and value. Whether you are undertaking a large initiative or a small project, we will tailor our services to develop a strategy and plan that works for you.

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Our consultants act as partners to clients, defining and analyzing clients’ requirements and performing thorough research and analysis to:

  • Identify prospective vendors and software solutions
  • Facilitate solution demonstrations
  • Evaluate the solutions that will best meet clients’ needs
  • Plan for implementation

We recognize that every situation and client is unique which is why we gear our vendor and software evaluation and selection services to meeting your company’s unique business needs. If you would like us to facilitate an extensive RFP process, where we analyze your requirements, work collaboratively with you to develop a RFP, solicit vendors to bid, and evaluate responses with you, we can easily develop and implement a process that best fits your business.

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