Our Project Initiation package gives you an extremely cost-effective way to get started with a consulting firm, while also helping you nail down and define the necessary details for going forward with a project.

The decisions made at the beginning of a project prove among the most critical for the success of an initiative. The goal of our Project Initiation package is to transform the ideas, goals, and needs of a client into a solid and formally-documented project plan that will serve as the roadmap for a project’s successful execution. These initial sessions are also made to help create a plan and determine how to proceed with a longer-term engagement. Ultimately, through open communication and collaboration, we will create a customized, well-defined strategic plan for you to start moving forward.

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Taking the time to clearly define the scope, requirements, expectations, objectives and end goals with a consultant will help reduce wasted time, resources, and money, and ultimately lead to a successful initiative, without all of the frustration that can come with complex projects. With this package, we are figuring everything out together.

IKhan Technologies consultants will help you to clearly define important project details, such as:

  • How to navigate different expectations from key project stakeholders
  • Project objectives and goals
  • Resources and people involved, and their roles and responsibilities
  • How much time investment will be required from your employees?
  • Build vs. Buy: are your needs best solved with a commercial off-the-shelf system, or is custom development the way to go?
  • How much of the work can and should be internalized?
  • What will the finalized product look like?

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