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How we do it…

Our approach integrates our extensive experience and expertise with business technology, as well as our knowledge of best practices. Through consistent, open communication with our clients, we conduct a thorough assessment and analysis of the client’s exact needs and goals for the system and tailor our approach to the firm’s unique requirements.


Ikhan Technologies works collaboratively with clients by engaging key client project team members in the process and facilitating open discussions in order to define the goals and requirements for the technology initiative.


Using key observations from our understanding of the client's requirements, Ikhan Technologies creates storyboards and process flow diagrams to visually articulate the layout, terminology, and functionality of the system.


Using the established strategy and design as well as our understanding of the system requirements, IKhan Technologies's development team works to develop the technical components of the solution.


Quality is of the utmost importance to us. The system will be tested through a 3-test cycle, including system, integration, and user acceptance testing, to ensure a defect-free platform.


Once the system has been developed and tested in the staging environment, and is accepted by the client, the system will be deployed to the production environment.