how we do it…

As an innovative, management and technology consulting firm, we ask the right questions to get at the root of your needs and problems, perform thorough analysis of your requirements, and provide high-quality, actionable recommendations and strategies specific to your situation. At iKhan Technologies, however, we do not stop there. A full-service firm, we turn recommendations into action and implement customized, sustainable solutions that enable you to achieve your goals.

We promise to commit our best resources for the success and growth of our clients. We serve as a trusted partner whom you can depend on to collaborate with you, to listen to you, and evolve with you. As a boutique, entrepreneurial consulting firm, we are able to successfully deliver highly personalized, attentive service to our clients and have the agility, extensive expertise, and commitment to innovation that you need in a consultant.

Our process…


discuss your challenges + develop actionable recommendations

define project scope + business requirements ››

document a beautifully designed system tailored to your situation


front end + back end development

testing, bug fixing, + retesting

continued technical support + maintenance


knowledge management

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